Shartak's Wealthiest Characters

Of all the active people who have made their fortune on Shartak, these are the twenty wealthiest. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can edit your character profile and remove the tick from the tickbox labelled "Include in wealthiest character statistics?"

1.-- Anonymous --58243
2.Jack Cudgel42994
5.Gol D. Roger22154
6.-- Anonymous --20622
8.-- Anonymous --17149
9.Wicked Rowan13446
13.Sam Bellamy6964
16.Punan Bah4854
17.-- Anonymous --4783
19.The Mad Dwarf3063
20.Al Statist2880

Wealthiest clans

#Clan nameGoldAverage per active member
1.Team Tathers634713340
2.Jack Cudgel4299442994
3.Secret Society of Supervillains305867646
5.The Rakmogaki Collective174503490
6.The Society of Notable Somebodies113651262
7.Crew of the Red Flag112675633
8.The First Continental Congress of Durham111355567
9.The Crew of 'THE FLYING FRENCHMAN'1088210882
10.Dead Spunkers86748674
11.The Darkest Fear86748674
12.Responsible drinkers86702890
13.Owl Cultists69646964
14.The O'Neils47834783
15.Monster Hunters46391159
16.THE MISFITS3195798
17.Independent Republic of Fort Creedy23011150
18.The Necromancers Guild1873312
19.League of Unity18271827
20.Petey Worship Clan16611661

Statistics available: General Statistics, healing, trading and exorcism, wealthy characters, clan membership, kills per death, kills, player kills and daily stats.

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