Clan : Feeding Frenzy

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Animal vegetable or mineral... we consume EVERYTHING


Finding no other active clan worthy of his mighty talents, Scaramouche, the greatest cannibal (at least in his own mind) ever to be spawned on Skull Island, decided to form his own. Only the most savage, evil, destructive, and insatiable flesh-eaters are considered for membership. Those who are deemed worthy shall be charged with spreading terror and mayhem everywhere they go. We will feast upon everyone and everything we meet. Let us be judged by the copious amounts of dead flesh we consume and the quantity (and quality) of our great steaming bowel movements! We intend to eat (and crap out) every living thing we can find until there is no life left on Shartak except for us. Only then will the Frenzy be finished. After that? We'll probably take a nap or something.

Restrictions are listed below:

Minimum level required is level 10
Required classes: Cannibal
Required homes: Rakmogak

Clan Leadership:
Scaramouche (Founder)

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