Lieutenant Colonel aaron burr

Home: Durham
Been on the island since 2015-12-09
Died: 21 times (last time was 2018-06-07 01:03 at the hands of Esrays, killed by a dagger)
Level: 10
Class: Soldier (outsider)
Primary Clan: The French
Secondary Clans: The First Continental Congress of Durham and Keepers of the Faith


You are masculine (manly) smurf, an outsider from Durham.
HP: 80 / 80 XP: 222 AP: 75 Gold: 6

You are masculine (manly) smurf, an outsider from Durham.

Grady, I'm here! [-70.365,+26.384]. Santa has festooned me with gifts! And a spirit has already wailed me a little. It reminds me of a less ornate Overlook.

The Darkest Fear, before their arrival Durham was a paradise!

Bahl, Admiral Benzoylmethylecgonine and his Super-Villains have vowed to take Durham! His forces march on the city. I don't know if you've crossed swords with him before. Some FEAR members are also SSSV members. It may be a ploy to route everyone else out.

Col. mouse, After a perusal of the many and sundry clans of the isle known to most as Shartak, I find that I would admire to join the Keepers of the Faith. If you are agreeable, I have recently gained a degree of wealth, which may help to raise the stature and prominence of your clan. I await you answer.

Your most obt. & very hum. Servt.

Lieutenant Colonel aaron burr


You see before you Lieutenant Colonel aaron burr. The finest marksman, most shrewd & diplomatic politician, most elegant minuet dancer, and biggest hoop skirt invader that God himself has ever spat upon these soils!


That dangerous psychopath George Washington has screwed me again! My demands were simple ones. To be made mayor of Orleans. To wed John Adam's beauteous daughter. To have seven powerful warlocks at my constant disposal. And to have my likeness put on the 70,000 dollar bill. That was all I asked! But such was the uproar I had to empty ten muskets into the murderous rabble and use my wiles to commandeer a leaking rat infested vessel to escape to this land! So again I join The French and their war against the nocturnal dirt people of Durham. Let's kill these bastards and start printin' money.


Hamilton fired first! You seen it. But then I went all Liam Neeson from "Taken 2" on his ass.

G's be shootin' th' gif like they for reals But when it jumps, they ain't got no murder skills.


They carry 1 skull.

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Achievements:(6 total)
April Fools Day 2017 5 years old
Areas explored: 0 (0.0% of island)
HP Healed: 169
Trading Points: 12
Spirits Exorcised: 0 (not a shaman)
Wailing Damage: 0
Ritual Feasts: 0 (not a cannibal)
Mentioned in 0 profile

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NPC kills: 17; last kill: turtle
 Animals: 14
 Shamans: 3
 Traders: 0
Natives killed: 3; last kill: spooge
 Raktam: 0
 Dalpok: 1
 Wiksik: 0
 Rakmogak: 2
Outsiders killed: 5; last kill: The Mad Dwarf
 Derby: 0
 Durham: 4
 York: 1
 Shipwreck: 0
NPC kills (detailed):
guard dog5
small deer2
large stag1


This character has indicated they have peaceful intentions and would prefer not to be killed.

This character has been idle since 2018-06-09.

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