TheDreadThespian burt reynolds

Home: Durham
Been on the island since 2014-03-02
Died: 49 times (last time was 2021-08-03 00:30 at the hands of pirate banks, killed by a spirit)
Level: 39
Class: Soldier (outsider)
Primary Clan: The First Continental Congress of Durham
Secondary Clans: The O'Neils and The Plague


His description reads:

They carry 1 pith helmet, 1 Guns & Ammo magazine, and 20 tubes of lube.

My Kung Fu is the best.



mexkrax, I chased him down & killed him, my prince of a blue boy!

Carrie White says Hey thechump, your lover Spooge's dead body is covered in poop and is waiting for you at the top of the hotel. I know you'll enjoy yourself with it. HAVE FUN!” (2020-11-28 09:26)

Hey chump! By lover she means the guy who butfucks you every day!!!

He likes the northern huts, FYI.

Since your last move:
Broomhead says “Thats one big sword you have there” (2020-11-19 09:28)

Oh!! You like that don't you!!!


Shroombaker, word up my izzle.

Shroombaker says “No signs of Spooge again. Where does he hide?” (2020-01-14 15:02)

He hides in his secret underground lair -- where he whacks off to pitchers of dead deer!

Carved on the wall is some writing. It reads “ Swarm enjoys the company of men with big Johnsons!”

Barber Surgeon O'Neil, are you coming to Santa's Grotto or not?!!


C'mon pimp!!! Santa will give you a heavy sword. He might. Or maybe a pumpkin. I been good, I might get like a damn P-Diddy yacht! Or a friggin schooner.

Styx, you've killed a butt load of monkeys!

Amie Pilika, overdressed? I think not! You make my pants tight! Woof!!!

You attack Tom Cruise Scientologist with a punch for 2 damage. You gain 2 XP. They die. You gain 28 XP.
Underworld log successful.
Deadzone log successful.

The world was not large enough for us both.

Thanks aweemowep! I'm using sharks as a transport device.
By Hal Neeham's beard, what are you doing way out here?!!

They carry 1 parrot feather charm.

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Achievements:(26 total)
Alligator Hunter - Gold Kraken Slayer Python Slayer 2016 Alligator Smackdown Raider of the Lost Treasury
Areas explored: 2346 (64.7% of island)
HP Healed: 3295
Trading Points: 582
Spirits Exorcised: 0 (not a shaman)
Wailing Damage: 740
Ritual Feasts: 0 (not a cannibal)
Mentioned in 0 profile

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NPC kills: 939; last kill: Steward
 Animals: 935
 Shamans: 4
 Traders: 0
Natives killed: 17; last kill: Wicked Rowan
 Raktam: 2
 Dalpok: 5
 Wiksik: 0
 Rakmogak: 10
Outsiders killed: 29; last kill: pirate banks
 Derby: 4
 Durham: 13
 York: 6
 Shipwreck: 6
NPC kills (detailed):
large deer51
small deer44
large stag39
wild boar36
zombified bat29
Captain Briggs11
zombified monkey8
zombified parrot7
chief elf7
zombified tiger7
zombified guard dog7
zombified werewolf7
zombified large stag7
zombified turtle7
zombified large deer7
zombified alligator7
guard dog6
Second Mate4
zombified wild boar3
zombified elephant2
zombified small deer1
rogue elephant1
fully-grown giant squid1
First Mate1

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