Clan : Shartak Retribution Conventions


Note: This is not really a clan or guild. This is a flag or tag supported by a series of Conventions made to protect truly peaceful players from harm. Those wearing this tag are being protected by the Conventions, hence recognized as harmless or benevolent characters.

The Retribution Conventions, details found here, are a number of norms designed to protect from harm peaceful civilians, traders, trailblazers, farmers, healers, medics, and other individuals who have publicly proven to be truly harmless. The Conventions are long and complicated, thus, in order to save everyone's time, a condensed reminder is here for both protegees and the regular folks.

1. To gain recognition by the Conventions you must not kill. At all.* Not even in self-defense.**
2. Attacking other players will trigger the instantaneous expulsion of the protegee from the Conventions*
3. A list with those who kill members of the conventions will be maintained here for all to see. That way anyone who wishes to help protecting the Convention may do so; because the members can not protect themselves, a community effort is required to ensure their safety.

*check the detailed rules for exceptions to these rulings.
**All players of level 3 and under are automatically protected by the Conventions, unless they have made at least one player kill.

You can request recognition by the conventions by contacting Muad Dib in-game, sending him a PM or posting here.

*this guy
*this lass
*this other guy
*these two gentlemen
*this handsome young man

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only

Clan Leadership:
Muad Dib (Founder)

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