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Here to fuck shit up and get bladdered, in any order.


York Colonial Corps

Arriving by boat from the British town of Malton, the group of settlers embarked onto this mysterious new island set out to bring about a just and fair rule upon the Town of York and its surrounding area.

The York Colonial Corps was thus set up to govern and enforce the YCC's laws, which are:
- Brew a lot of alcholol
- Kill any hostile Natives, Pirates or even outsiders in or around York
- Protect and defend the York populace from dangerous animals
- Brew MORE aclohol
- ???
- Profit

IT IS COMPULSORY TO CLICK here to jump into a time vortex and check out our forums and more information about our main group, which operates in the modern-day, zombie infested, Malton. You don't have to play Urban Dead to join the forums, as there is a separate area just for Shartak Players.

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only
Required classes: Settler Soldier Explorer Scientist
Required homes: York


Clan Leadership:
Andrew Smith (Founder)
Faharo (Administrator)
Antropos (Administrator)

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