Clan : Headhunters

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Join or die a horrible death.


"Here, where a thousand captains swore grand conquest...tall grass their monument." - Matsuo Basho

The way of the headhunter is resolute acceptance of death. We are a wild and fierce breed, practicing human sacrifice, drinking blood, scalping our enemies and drinking wine from the enemies' skulls. The head contains the life force of our enemies, by capturing the head one may conquer the soul. It is the native fighting man's finest display of bravery and prestige. When we're not hunting in the wilderness, we're waving our machetes and dancing around a fire.

Take the heads of your victims as trophies or signpost decorations. Refrain from harming fellow headhunters, do not steal the head from a fellow headhunter's kill, leave no skull unturned. Chop until you drop.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.


Clan Leadership:
Bobby the Hatchet (Founder)

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