Clan : New Age Mercenary's Guild


"It's like Christmas, only with murder and gold!" ~ Anonymous


[Formed by members of the Old Mercenary's Guild when it started to die.]

The New Age Mercenary's Guild (NAMG) is a clan hanging around to make money. Having fun in the process is just an added bonus.

Like the MG of old, the NAMG requires a post to our forum (link below) in order to join officially. At the moment, we are set up as invite only, so head off to the forum and we can get you set up.

Note: If you're one of the guys from the old MG and you want in, just swing by the forum and either post or send me a PM, and we'll get you back up and with the swing of things.

Note 2: If you are looking to hire us out, do so via PMing me (Iwashere) on either the NAMG forum or the Shartak forum to open up discussion. (NAMG forum will get my attention faster)

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only


Clan Leadership:
Iwashere (Founder)
snico (Founder)
Sympathetic Phil (Founder)
Otyr (Admin)

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