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The birthday of a new world is at hand. Do think it was chance we happened upon this God forsaken island? NO. God Loves his children. His Love has brought us here. His love chose us for this divine mission. His Love will SAVE THIS ISLAND.

I know many of you will question whether or not this damned place needs saving; mainly because of the illusion of peace and order roaming about created by the "natives".
These uncivilized peoples claim to be of sound mind and intelligence yet they consume of each others flesh, collect each others skulls which they post on their homes, randomly attack one another and pray to false gods. Does that sound like a civilized society?

Thus is the White Man's Burden. I myself am not a racist but these "natives" (Nats for short), need guidance. God has send us here to parent them into societal adulthood. At the rate they're going, Nats' societal collapse is evident. Just as God's Love has caused us to survive this long, our love of Nats save their existence. If we fail to do so, like a cancer, Nats will destroy everything till nothing is left.
*Although we have our own "cancer" in our societies, they were influenced by this land and its Nats; pray that God will bring them back to the light.

Now remember, this is done out of love, NOT HATE. We do not advocate hate. If we hated Nats, they would've been exterminated the moment we stepped for on this land. Those that oppose God's Will are the ones that hate. They are the ones that are too selfish to lend a hand to their fellow Humans.

Sadly, Nats are extremely stubborn will not listen to God's divine logic. Whether or not the its the devil's influence or their lack of intelligence, they will not go without a fight. To bring our God's Will, God's love, OUR DESTINY to life, we must destroy Nat institutions. Their kings/tyrants must fall. Their murderous clans must disband. Here's God's divine plan:
-Raid their camps (the influx of outsiders will cause mass panic and confusion)
-Preach them God's words (show them love)
-If they resist kill all that oppose and their shaman (the Nats shaman have the ungodly ability to bring the dead back to life; we've already managed to enslave 3 of their shaman so they are not that powerful but it is still difficult. Feel free to skip this.)
-Take camp at their places of establishments and declare it ours.
-Rinse and repeat

We have it in our power to begin the world over again. A situation, similar to the present, hath not happened since the days of Noah until now.
Forge this island into a peaceful place for all, not for a select few. With God and virtue on our side, we can and we will.

Now what say you? Save the Nats, save the island.....
*Unfortanely, our clan is only open to God's soldiers (outsiders). Any Nats willing to help God's Cause feel free to create a Nat support clan.
*Know that we do not take kind to Natlovers who oppose our goals. We are only trying to alleviate the pain and suffering inflicting this island. You are worst than the Nats. May God have mercy on your souls.

Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Settler Pirate Soldier Explorer Scientist
Required homes: York, Durham, Derby, the shipwreck


Clan Leadership:
Global Warming (Founder)

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