Clan : The Divine Hand

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A group of hired killers.


Do you want someone dead?
  1. Hire us in game.
  2. Name those you want to die.
  3. If you can give us information, please do - where they are, where they will be.
  4. 25 gold per death.
  5. Do you want the target to know your name?
  6. Do you have a message you want to give to your target?
  7. If the target has not been killed within two weeks we will refund your payment.

  1. Never kill peaceful players.
  2. Kill violent players if you feel you must.
  3. Never ever kill current employers.
  4. Past employers are valid targets but leave at least two weeks after their contract.
  5. Give gifts to people. Bananas, herbs, gold and such.
  6. Refunding failed kills is a priority over taking new contracts.

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only


Clan Leadership:
Kamikui (Founder)

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