Clan : The Rock Pirates

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Rocks. They're nice. Right? Riiiight?


Rock. /räk/ (Noun): The solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other planets.

Which means this is a crew of pirates, comprised of solid material that forms part of the surface of the earth. Isn't that great?

Anyway, sign up today, and enjoy complimentary companionship!

Primary Objective(ATM): Drink Rum.
Secondary Objective(ATM): Be Awesome.

Warning: Actual crew members may not be made from rock. Pirates only. Exceptions may be made. The Rock pirates are not liable for deaths, dismemberment, accidents, coups, food stealing, awkward silences or angry glaring that may occur while you are part of the crew. Entries must be submitted by September 31st 1783. See participation in the dictionary for details. Chances of winning are one in a billion.

Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Pirate

Clan Leadership:
James Ach (Founder)

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