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DO YOU FEAR DEATH? The Ghost Pirates offer an alternative. Far less painful than death by blowgun or rifle, we exist in spirit form.

A scurvy crew of pirates who can not rest in peace and must bring suffering to all who live. If you encounter one of us while we are alive, we are only alive to die. Dying is a day worth living for.

Having lived as of a good life as a pirate could, these spectres try to relive the life they once had. planning raids like they had. planning to be crotch deep in gore. desiring the rum they once had, but no drinks can quench the thirst they have. no amount of bloodshed can fill the void that they have. only the wailing.

Food turns to ash in our mouths, no amount of drink can quench our thirst, and no woman can satiate our lust. We are the Damned, we are Ghost Pirates.

Ghost Pirate communication is to occur over the forum.

Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Pirate
Required homes: the shipwreck


Clan Leadership:

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