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2nd Derby Privateers

Here once again to kick bottom, take names and rock harder than a Dio gig in a beef factory.

We're a police clan. We kill killers, native or outsider. If you're killing innocent people in the Derby area...well, you're in trouble.

The "1st Derby Privateers" were founded some time in August or October of 2006, drunken sources vary, in response to the threat of primarily a single PKer named Glock. Rob Zombie and most of the other Originals spent thier days hunting animals until they banded together to form the Derby Privateers, and immidiately formed a fast friendship and later a formal alliance with the Derby Hospitallers - The Eastern Federation.

They were baptised in fire with the rest of the Federation during the Derby Headhunt, defended Derby from outside and inside PKer forces. Privateers were also involved in almost every operation the Eastern Federation has undertaken, on the battlefield and on the negotiating table.

These are the Privateers who were there in the all important early days of the clan's greatest conflicts; The Originals, and those Honorary Originals who earned a place in the list through hard work or hard drinking.

Rob Zombie (Captain and Founder)
Guildmaster (ex-First Mate, was there at the very start, a legend from the start)
Cthulhu (First Mate with Reiko, Rob owes money to him, a legend is born)
ReikoLJ (First Mate with Cthulhu, long standing Privateer-es)
Elegost (Master Sergeant, long and dedicated service in the Privateers and Federation)
G3N (Trade Sergeant, delivered a massive amount of gold into the Federation coffers over his time)
Greta Van Hausen (Sergeant and explorer, acompanied Rob on a mission in York)
Spitfire (Privateer, distinguished service to the Eastern Federation during major conflicts)
Mill Wilkinson (Privateer, newest member but we couldn't hold it against him!)

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only


Clan Leadership:
RobZombie (Founder)

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