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The Vatican Bank offers competitive, courteous and confidential service to its customers with the type of security only God can provide. The Vatican Bank will never be linked to any governing entity and will maintain a neutral stance in any political situations.

Currently with offices in Durham, the Vatican Bank is seeking to expand business to other interested settlements. Contact Fr. Paul Marcinkus at Club Palermo for more details.

If you can't trust a priest with your money, who can you trust? (TM)

*** Accounting ***

Vatican Bank currently accepts only gold coins, and offers 1g interest the first Sunday of everyone month for every 10g deposited.

*** To Open An Account ***

State your desire and pass over the money. Easy as that. If you wish a confirmation of your deposit, wait for a response from the banker or provide an official Shartak forum name for private messaging. Monthly updates may be provided, if so desired.

*** Service ***

Service will be delivered as timely as possible. Our hallmark is our confidentiality. At no point will any other party be made aware of your finances, nor will your finances be mixed with those of another. This is no fly-by-night Ponzi operation, using your funds to finance strange athletic competitions. Once your funds are deposited in the bank, they are yours whether you collect them the next day or stay idle for months.

*Note: large accounts greater than 1000 coins may necessitate minimum account balances for the time being. This is a reflection of our bank's small size, not our commitment to service.

Vatican Bank: In God We Trust

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only

Clan Leadership:
Fr. Paul Marcinkus (Founder)

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