Clan : The Lords and Ladies of The New World


Lords and Ladies of High Birth, and Royal Lineage, make up this group of Adventurers, who were amongst the FIRST of 3 groups formerly created including the Durham Pistoliers and Wiksik Head Hunters.

Join the Lords and Ladies of The New World on a right Royal Romp across this vast and unexplored continent. There's the promise of much Tea Sippage, good Company and the odd game of that most smashing of sports - Cricket! The Adventure of a Life time for many a daring Lord and his beautiful Lady.

WE are currently Having Morning Tea in Derby, as well as across this vast continent.

With many a Toodlely Pips, and Tally Hoing,

Baron of Montmartre.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
Baron of Montmartre (Founder)

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