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Whether you are seeking to Kill Billy, sayv teh wurld, speak in ways no sane human being ever would tolerate and respect you for, or just behave irresponsibly and be violently random and uncomprehensible in general, this is the clan for you. There is no order or structure whatsoever else than completing The Master's Plan, but eventual members are encouraged to respond as randomly as possible to their unfortunate surroundings, as long as it doesnt benifit anyone in else than a possible good laugh. Remember that vulgarity or offensivity in itself is not the goal, but the horribly misspelled and random dialogue of a madman to whom what he/she/it/they say is clarity. By no means should you be a complete idiot without any creativity or style. Be obnoxiously unpredictable, and think of every sentence spoken as an intricate puzzle noone ever would bother solving.

Insanity is considered wasted on those not driven crazy by it, meaning that however much you would want to trade one gold coin for one piece of driftwood back and forth to a trader all day long, doing so will not make an 'npc' trader more insane. Instead, take care of your potential for madness, and spend it where it can be of good use. Killing your fellow Arfenhouseites isnt considered wrong, but rather 'unproductive'. After all, doing so wastes energy both the attacker and victim could use to drive others insane; so think twice before you happily cut eachother to pieces in glorious united disharmony. And remember, if you must express yourself with actual words in sentences, then make those words extremely hard to understand.
The Master of The House Himself does not care much for whoever joins the cult in question, but will be less likely to horribly mutilate and torture those already gloriously insane. If by any means you insist on attempting to converse with Him, The Master of The One True House, then do not expect to understand much of His Celestial Language. If you are still alive when He disappears, commits suicide, or runs laughing away, then consider yourself honoured to have been in His most holy presence without serious disembowelment-issues. Not as a random target for madness, but as a magnificent part in His Delusional Prophecy of "Teh Wurld". The Master might suddenly attempt to organise grand plans and adventures, which while hard to understand and difficult to succeed at without His Legendary Friends, any Arfenhouseites just randomly happening to be spoken to at the moment (closer to His grand plan as They are, by seeking to make themselves bat-crazy) are encouraged to follow and increase their own potential for painful madness by assisting at whatever task The Master might have set upon Himself to complete. Although since spreading insanity is vital to His success in driving the world insane, just behaving randomly and running away instead of following will not be frowned upon. After all, there is no organisation other than The Master's Plan, and it is best spread randomly. If you run away instead of following and He maims you anyway, then you either misunderstood something, or its just randomly personal.

Warning: Eventual impersonations of other deities in the pantheon will not be taken lightly by His Magnificent Grace, unless the madness of the afflicted has grown to such a grand scale that the deity itself has chosen to fuse with the character. That however, has yet to happen.
As for Joseph, should he make his presence known, then too bad for him. In such a case, and this Joseph indeed would be the one "Joe", and not an impostor seeking attention and torture- then target him whenever he is around. If you wonder why, then you have missed the whole point, but it doesnt really matter. Although you are encouraced to freely study the history of The Master, his One True House, and his "relations" to the rest of the Pantheon, if only to better learn how to drive others crazy in the true spirit of Arfenhouseism.

To end all eventual remains of sanity in this description, I would like to present you with a select few quality quotes from The Master of The House Himself:

...and of course, the legendary line which eventually brought He Himself to this very island:

That is all for now, eventual brave comrades of lunacy.
Now go make those brains bleed.

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There are no restrictions.

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