Shane Schofield

Shane Schofield

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Home: York
Been on the island since 2007-02-17
Died: 126 times (last time was 2020-02-21 22:05, killed by a tiger)
Level: 35
Class: Soldier (outsider)
Primary Clan: None chosen


A U.S.M.C. Recon Captain that was on a mission to find shipping routes used by terroristst to smuggle weapons, explosives and contrabands from the Middle-East to finance their efforts. During a firefight with terrorists, his ship got destroyed and Shane was forced to jump in the sea without knowing where he was and where the sea would take him too. Although sharks were already circling around him, Shane was able to stay alive by holding on to debris from his destroyed ship. After a couple of days, Shane saw an island in the distance and decided to swim to the island. He stayed on the beach, looking for ships, but when he didn't saw any for a week, he went into the jungle forced by hunger and thirst. In the jungle, he felt he wasn't alone. He had the feeling someone or something was watching him. After a few days, he heard noise and saw bushes moving in front of him. Shane jumped forward into the moving bushes and landed on top of an outsider that goes by the name of Master Lucky. Shane quickly unarmed Master Lucky and asked why he was following him. Master Lucky told him he was just curious who that guy in camouflage was. Master Lucky apologized, told Shane where he was, what kind of island Shartak is, gave him a knive and a machete, so Shane could defend himself, and disappeared in the jungle. All alone on the island, Shane is searching for a radio to inform his superior officers that he's still alive and to ask for a pick-up from this remote island.

They carry 1 skull and 1 tiger tooth amulet.

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Achievements:(24 total)
Old One Tiger Hunter - Bronze Wild boar Hunter - Bronze Bat Hunter - Bronze 17 years old
Areas explored: 1928 (53.1% of island)
HP Healed: 666
Trading Points: 70
Spirits Exorcised: 0 (not a shaman)
Wailing Damage: 1446
Ritual Feasts: 0 (not a cannibal)
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The following extended statistics are since 1st Jan 2011.

Alcohol Brewed: 0
Alcohol Drunk: 0
Heads Collected: 0
Fruit Juiced: 0
Successful Possessions: 0
Tracks Found: 10
Fires Started: 0
Fires Extinguished: 0
Items Buried: 0
Items Found: 33
Jungle Chopped: 37
Parrots Tamed: 0 (not a pirate)
Monkeys Tamed: 0 (not a pirate)
Signposts Built: 0
Signposts Smashed: 1
Treasures Found: 0 (added 2014-07-14)

NPC kills: 283; last kill: ferocious tiger
 Animals: 283
 Shamans: 0
 Traders: 0
Natives killed: 51; last kill: Vudo
 Raktam: 20
 Dalpok: 13
 Wiksik: 17
 Rakmogak: 1
Outsiders killed: 76; last kill: Jim Corbett the Naturalist
 Derby: 16
 Durham: 18
 York: 26
 Shipwreck: 16
NPC kills (detailed):
wild boar27
large deer26
small deer21
large stag19
ferocious tiger4
zombified tiger3
guard dog2


This character has been idle since 2020-02-23.

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