Erschen Vavel

Home: Durham
Been on the island since 2014-07-03
Died: 15 times (last time was 2014-10-13 18:38 at the hands of Edward McGill, killed by a heavy sword)
Level: 16
Class: Soldier (outsider)
Primary Clan: Team Tathers


An outsider soldier, was injured in war on his first month. After recovering he was sent on a boat with some other soldiers to catch some pirates. They spotted some heading due east and followed them. The pirates suddenly stopped their boat when we were right on their tail. The front of our ship crashed into theirs. Only afterwards we learned there was a stretch of shallow water which made them stop. His majesties forces boarded their ship. I stayed back with 3 others to manoeuvre the ship. Our ship pushed theirs towards the shallow area, causing the pirates ships keel to get destroyed and the boat to tilt. Many our soldiers and pirates fell off into the water. We couldn't stop our boat which flipped the pirates ship completely, destroying it. Many were crushed by the ship and cannons aboard. Us 3 who stayed back paniced. Our ship was heading into the shallows. God knows what the other two were doing. I knew that the ship was gone. I rushed to the captains quarters to look for maps and his journal which might shed light on where help may be. I grabbed them all and put them in a leather case. The sound of the ship cracking beneath is was horrible. As soon as a drop of water appeared I ran to the deck and jumped off. The other 2 did not survive. I climbed on some driftwood and went through the maps, there were no islands for 80 miles. I wouldn't be able to make that kind of distance. I went through his journal and saw him mention an island withiut proof of existence but was rumoured to be 20 miles due south of his location. After 2 days he came within sight of the island. Exhausted and dehydrated he got there by nightfall. Sleeping on the beach. Waking up he started to look around for food and spotting what appeared to be a town set up by the british.

That is how Mr. Vavel found his way here. Only time shall tell what happens now.

They carry 2 parrot feather charms, 2 monkey claw charms, 1 silver skull cross and 1 tiger tooth amulet.

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Achievements:(7 total)
Shartak Probie 6 years old
Areas explored: 351 (9.7% of island)
HP Healed: 0
Trading Points: 252
Spirits Exorcised: 0 (not a shaman)
Wailing Damage: 0
Ritual Feasts: 0 (not a cannibal)
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NPC kills: 64; last kill: silverback
 Animals: 64
 Shamans: 0
 Traders: 0
Natives killed: 1; last kill: Noreen
 Raktam: 0
 Dalpok: 1
 Wiksik: 0
 Rakmogak: 0
Outsiders killed: 7; last kill: Iban Blount
 Derby: 1
 Durham: 1
 York: 1
 Shipwreck: 4
NPC kills (detailed):
wild boar11
large stag8
small deer4
large deer3


This character has been idle since 2014-10-13.

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