Customising a Hut

Pricing and Location

Clans or individuals wishing to customise a hut within a settlement can do so at a cost of $15 (USD) per 3 month period. Should you wish to pay for more than 3 months in advance, you can. Once a hut has been paid for 2 years, the owner has the option of making it a permanent hut with no additional fees required.

To avoid the problem of too many huts in each settlement, your choice of location may not be available so please check with us before publicising anything. You have to choose from an existing hut that isn't already a special location such as trading post, medical hut, etc, however exceptions may be made particularly in the case of the shipwreck where there are no available huts.

We've had enquiries regarding huts outside of settlements and it has been decided that these may be permitted subject to approval and at our discretion.

Optional extras

Each custom hut comes with a single custom item which can only be found in the hut. This item is for flavour only and has no effect in-game.

For an extra $5 (USD) per 3 month period, it may be possible to add a second hut on the same tile or possibly a second level to the primary hut. An example of this is the Club Palermo stockroom (second hut) or the Citadel in Dalpok (second level).

What information is required to customise a hut?

Information required to customise a hut (examples given are from the Club House in York and screenshots use the Shartak Skinning Project styles):

Note that the name you give the hut will appear on the Enter/Leave buttons, for example Enter Club House instead of Enter Hut

Requirements for the optional custom item

Each custom item requires the following:

We reserve the right to reject or require changes to custom items if deemed unsuitable.

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