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Once a backwater town, Derby was a settlement without law or defense. No longer! The Knights Hospitaller are an old order, dating back to the Crusades. Now, a group has emerged on Shartak, basing their conduct on the Hospitallers' code of protection and aid.

The Derby Hospitallers are dedicated to aiding their fellow Derbians in whatever way possible. They maintain Derby's only hospital, the only academy on Shartak, and constitute a defensive militia against hostile incursions.

What the Yorkman newspaper says about the Hospitallers:

"The Hospitallers are a tolerant, democratic group...They have gained a reputation for even-handedness and protecting the interests of the common man...."

To join, simply select the Hospitallers as your clan. Members are strongly encouraged to participate on the forum or (to a lesser extent) the wiki. Members should at least check the wiki periodically for updates.

The Hospitallers are seeking new members! We have at least one member from every non-native town. Additionally, all Hospitallers are encouraged to join the Eastern Federation as well.

Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Settler Pirate Soldier Explorer Scientist


Clan Leadership:
James Barnes (Founder)
Javier Sortani (Founder)

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