Clan : Teh Dankest Fart


The oldest and most unpleasant smell of mankind is FART


A new smell has come to Durham. A green cloud of FART. Fart Itself has come to Durham and claimed it as its own. It's rank.

Those who choose to become servants of flatulence are true agents of FART, spreading nausea and bum clouds across the Durham Peninsula and eventually possibly but probably not actually quite anywhere else. Those who pledge themselves to FART are literally just people farting and who gives an actual crap.

None can stomach the smell. FART is pongy. Together we shall free Durham from some skanky dictatorship of people who graffiti the walls and hide in a hotel.

The headquarters for Teh Dankest Fart is in Shartak.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
yik (Founder)

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