Clan : Death to the Vanilla Faces

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Their low level alts dot our lands, but their numbers grow low, and their skill levels weak.


A cabal dedicated to pushing the inhabitants of York and Derby into the sea. Attack, burn their lands. Durham is too remote and too sick from pocks to enter. Avoid it! Do not attack The Shipwreck. Pirates, you are welcomed into our clan. Your race possess valuable cunning. Your and our numbers could ravage the craven city dwellers well beyond their ability to recover. Do not bother with the roaming, or those huddled in the caves or ruins, kill in the cities. Kill any scientists you see. Cut off the head and the body dies.

Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Warrior Villager Pirate Scout Cannibal Shaman
Required homes: the shipwreck, Dalpok, Wiksik, Raktam, Rakmogak

Clan Leadership:
Bessie Mauler (Founder)

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