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Keeping York's People and Peninsula Safe from the Foreign Scum.


Shartak is a sick old man waiting for death. Everywhere is chaos and boredom. It is the perfect time to grab as much land as we can and hold it until the Colonial Powers/America/Jesus arrive with reinforcements. It is also the perfect time for a bunch of unclean pirates and heathen native blackies to invade and kill us all. We must be ready. The King/President/GOD the Father is counting on us to hold the line. Let's not disappoint.

The borders of the York Peninsula range from as far north as the Shartak Passage intersection, as far east as Fort Serious near the Hazen River crossing, and as far west as the Twin Lakes, hereby renamed the Udders of York. The Islet of New Geneva is also part of our domain.

Oath of the York Peninsular Militia
I vow...
To defend York and its Peninsula with my life.
To uphold the Laws of York, such as they are.
To give aid and comfort to white pilgrims on the road and a machete in the neck to anybody else.
To speak honestly to my fellow man and lie shamelessly to foreign scum.
To worship God as my Creator and bear no True Christian any ill-will.

These things I pledge and should I break my vow, may God compel me to cut off my own head in remorse.

Restrictions are listed below:

Required homes: York, Durham, Derby


Clan Leadership:
The High Priestess (Founder)
The Hanged Man (Founder)

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