Clan : The R.K.A.

Clan Logo


Kind to the killed, kill the kind.


A Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde group, a group like no other, a group of no classification.

On one hand they will help towns folk under seige, supply people with money and weapons at no cost. On the other they will wage an indiscriminate war against anyone for zero reason. Maybe just by resting in the same building you have unknowingly signed up as willing victims of random attacks, which in a lurid way is there way of saying `Hey, this isnt personal. You just happened to be here.`, a violent lottery, in which everyone enters without knowing how they did. Then a few weeks later they move on, a new village / town, a change in attitude

Violent? No. Helpful? No. Random? Yes, yes indeed.........and maybe yes to the first two also.


Little is known about the roots of the RKA. Derived from the roots from the town of Malton, the town known for a devastating zombie outbreak. No doubt driven to insanity by the sights.




Defiantly unknown.

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only

Clan Leadership:
Milkchew (Founder)

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