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Because Killing is Wrong (And We Can't Anyway)


Then the cannibals came for Jesus, and Petey, having a heavy sword in his hand, made to defend Him. But Jesus said to Petey, "Put the sword into the sheath; for your arms are broken, and you can't fight good."
--The Gospel of Simon

Broken Arms is the answer to the question: Is Shartak all about killing? The answer is: not on your life, friend.

Inspired by similarly-worded defunct clans, Broken Arms is for players who are tired of being killed and taunted by PKers and aggressive RPers. Members of this group don't buy into that culture of violence. Many of us haven't killed anyone. Some of us don't even have the skills to kill.* We are healers, explorers, tavern owners, barflies, aimless drifters. What we have in common is our peaceful intentions. So why won't the killers leave us alone?

When killers see the peaceful intentions flag but choose to kill us anyway, that's wrong. But when you have Broken Arms as your clan, that sends a clear message to them: We don't want to play your game. We want to play our game, which is technically your game too but never mind. We're pacifists, and whether it's by choice or serious injury, we're proud of who we are, and how we choose to play the game.

Members are encouraged to meet at Broken Arms HQ at La Belle Dame Chapel (all faiths welcome) in Raktam, for free juice and positive reinforcement. Tea-making classes will be held on the first sunday of every month!

*Hunting animals or dumb beasts is OK though.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.


Clan Leadership:
Xom (Founder)

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