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Representing and serving the people of Wiksik. Equity, Liberty, Security.


I Call To Order The Council Of Wiksik.
I Call Out To All Free Men Within The Reach Of My Voice.
Join With Me, As Protector Of Our Home.
Stand With Me, As Brother And Equal.
Walk With Me, Through Fire And Death.
Guard With Me, The Weak Against The Strong.
Serve With Me, And See Our People Through Their Times Of Need.

The Council of Wiksik seeks not to rule, but to serve. An organizational backbone to serve the needs of The First Village and to represent the interests of it's people abroad. All on the council stand together as equals, united in purpose and in loyalty to their home. They will not bow to monarchs, nor bend for tyrants.

Swear now these oaths by whatever you hold sacred:

To Serve Wiksik And It's People Above All, And Hold No Loyalty Above Them.
Not To Enter This Service For Personal Gain, And That In These Oaths You Shed Old Malice, And Forgive Old Debt.
That All Who Take This Oath Are Your Brothers And Your Sisters, To Have Your Protection And Your Trust.
That All You Value, All You Have, Belongs To Wiksik, To Use And Sacrifice As May Need.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.


Clan Leadership:
Ezekiel Jones (Founder)

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