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Shartak's greatest pro-native clan. Battle for a free native homeland.


The Kingdom Of Skulls is modern-day revival of the ancient Kingdom Of Shartak, sanctioned and blessed by the Ancestors acting through their shamen Tapran, Shubar and Najdam. The Kingdom Of Skulls exists to unite the natives of Shartak and bring about a new Age of Enlightenment. The warrior Black Fang (AKA the Warlord of Wiksik), at the behest of the shaman Tapran, assumed the mantle of the Grand Tyrant and established the Skull Throne in Wiksik.

The Kingdom Of Skulls has been in disarray since Black Fang's fateful decision to journey to the spirit world of his Ancestors, from which he returned as a possessed maniac. The citizens of the Kingdom now face the task of finding the true heir to the Skull Throne whilst unworthy pretenders fight to sieze the seat of power for themselves.


Q: What is this group all about?
A: The KOS is a pro-native clan for people who enjoy the roleplaying aspects of the Shartak MMORPG.

Q: What is it actually about?
A: The KOS is an umbrella organisation under which individual players and / or entire clans can operate. Whilst it is intended that the KOS present a united front to the outsiders, internal rivalries are encouraged as they lead to an improved RPG experience. The KOS was inspired by the original Dune novel by Frank Herbert (particularly the 'tripod of power' exemplified by the Emperor, the Landsraad, and the Spacer's Guild) and the Lankhmar fiction of Fritz Leiber (e.g.'The Lords Of Quarmall'). Other influences include the pulp fantasy fiction of authors such as Robert E Howard and Clark Ashton Smith.

Q: Why did you start this clan? Aren't you just a power-mad egomaniac?
A: The KOS was formed to address a few gaps in the Shartak experience. The clan is intended to be inclusive of ALL players, experienced or new. It is deliberately designed to provide a roleplaying experience; many clans are exclusive and / or offer little interaction. More interaction makes for a better roleplaying experience which should mean more regular players in Shartak. Power in Shartak is a tenuous concept, that isn't what the clan is about. Not really. Oh, all right then, the scantily-clad concubines do ease the burden of Kingship...

Q: Some members of this clan appear to be killers / cannibals / malcontents / maniacs. What's the deal?
A: The members of the KOS run the gamut of character types from honourable and noble to devious and homicidal. A significant number of Shartak players like to play characters who are dark in nature. Often such players find themselves in opposition to the more common, established types of groups. The KOS welcomes such players and provides them with an opportunity to roleplay in an arena that does not automatically have them identified as bad guys.

Q: Someone from the KOS killed me! What do you have to say about that?
A: Really? Did they also do horrible things to your corpse? Do come to the Skull Throne and tell us all about it. Speaking historically, Real World (tm) politics involved shocking behaviour such as ethnic cleansing (Edward I), beheading your wife so that you could marry a younger model (Henry VIII), mass infanticide (Herod), political assassination (the Borgias), sexual deviancy (Caligula) and any number of other outrages. Roleplaying in the KOS is informed by such historical happenings as well as pulp SF and fantasy.

Q: What is the 'Kingdom Of Shartak'?
A: It's a prehistory of Shartak, written in the style of pulp fiction's best authors. Find it at

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There are no restrictions.


Clan Leadership:
King Kuru (Founder)

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