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A dark fertility cult devoted to the worship of Yig, Father of Serpents. He is called by many names, among them Damballah, Kukulcan, Quetzalcoatl, and Set. Yig usually appears as a serpentine human, but in some forms he is a huge snake. In past times, humans learned the worship of Yig from the fabled serpent people. Among the converted were the Acherons and Stygians of the Hyborian Age, the Indians of the Americas, and the people of K'n-yan.

NB: A mature attitude is a prerequisite for membership of the Cult Of Yig.


The first serpent people appeared on Earth almost 275 million years ago during the Permian period. They worshipped the Great Old One known as Yig, Father of Serpents, for he was said to be their creator. The First Empire of the serpent people, centred on Valusia in primal Pangea, collapsed 225 million years ago during the rise of the dinosaurs. The survivors from Valusia fled underground and built great cities in the darkness. The greatest of these underground civilizations was Yoth, located deep below what is now North America. For 200 million years the serpent people flourished in the deeps. When serpent people from Yoth explored the Gulf of N'Kai they unwittingly doomed their civlization. In the black gulfs they found altars to Tsathogghua and turned their worship to the Toad God. Ever jealous, Yig cursed those who abandoned him and only those who remained faithful to Yig survived his wrath.

Led by priests of Yig the survivors from Yoth migrated to the northern lands of Hyperborea. The serpent people ruled over the pre-human voormis until the coming of the Great Ice almost 1 million years ago. However even amongst the voormis they found the taint of Tsathogghua. Eventually the serpent people were forced to flee the encroaching ice and they migrated southwards to less hostile lands in newly-formed Lemuria. There, as the Age of Reptiles ended and the Age of Mammals began, the remaining serpent people fought against the encroachment of the mammals. For a time they basked in the glory of their Second Empire in Thuria until, eventually, the march of evolution began to favour the new species known as humanity. A few retreated to underground hibernation chambers to await the changing of the stars. The skilled amongst them used magicks to change their appearance and so live amongst mankind. And in the last remnants of Lemuria the serpent people passed on their religion to the human priests of Stygia.

Since that time the worship of Yig has been passed down from Stygia to the ancient peoples of Egypt, North and South America, India and the Far East. It is said that there is no place on Earth that has not been touched by Yig's presence.

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There are no restrictions.


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Spitting Cobra (Founder)

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