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The Buzzards are an army for hire led by Captain Z. We are willing perform assassinations and lead military operations for gold.
Just contact a member and tell us the ID number of your enemy and where they were last seen, as well as any other information that may be useful, and we'll track them down and kill them. All of this will be anonymous and you don't have to do anything but pay us.

Rules for Members:
Do not kill a fellow member.

Do not kill characters that are level 0-2.

Only one of your characters may join. Zerging is not tolerated.

Headhunting and other trophy collecting is okay, as it provides extra proof of the kill, but extreme desecration of the corpse is not allowed.

This is a clan for mercenaries and assassins. Don't join if you're afraid to kill.

Restrictions are listed below:

Minimum level required is level 3

Clan Leadership:
Captain Z (Founder)

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