Clan : The Brotherhood Of The Coast

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Founded by the pirates First Amoung Daves, Rozen, Michael Edwards and other established pirates. Our aims:
1. Raiding and plundering.
2. Trading when not raiding.
3. The aquesition of shiny gold pieces.
4. Upholding honour amoug thieves, possibly by paying cuts of the booty.
5. To make sure that at least four or our aims involve gold coin in some way, that way, we get four fiths of all gold. Savvy, no?

When there's a raid on, our members on the forums should make every effort to get the word out to our non-forum members, without alerting the authorities of the town we're raiding.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
Michael Edwards (Founder)

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