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An Outsider "secret society" long suspected of "controlling Outsider
politics from behind the scenes" and having "secret members"
wheresoever outsiders congregate. Not much is publically-known
about the group, and other than the speculations of
nonmembers, the group is largely invisible. And it likes it that way...

-The jungle just north of York.
-One of those pitch-black moonless Shartak nights.
-The first year of settlement of this new land.
-A group of around a half dozen patriotic Outsiders of all
backgrounds gathered in the jungle two miles north of York,
to hold a meeting. The unambiguous goal: To form a Society
dedicated to the advancement of Outsider causes on
Shartak. At the time the main political issue on the island
were marauders calling themselves "Pirates", and a hard line
was taken against them. The handful of prominent
Outsiders who founded the group had soon grown into
an island-wide network, the exact nature and purpose of
which was and has been scarcely known to most.

The group's secrecy has given birth to all kinds of rumors
over the years. Those "in the know" will know which of
these are true and which are not.

The Order of Patriots is in favor of Outsider interests across
the island, but is generally strongly against piracy.

Membership in the group and group operations are maintained
with the utmost of secrecy. It was known for years that there
was an inner cadre of York nationalists who led the group
("The Council of Three"), but who these were is not known by
the public. The York-Nationalist angle has receded now
that at least one Durhamite and at least one Derbyian are
suspected of being in the inner-circle.

Generally speaking, there is no "volunteering" for the Order of Patriots.
We come to you.

Restrictions are listed below:

Minimum level required is level 10
Required classes: Settler Soldier Explorer Scientist
Required homes: York, Durham, Derby


Clan Leadership:
W B Hazen (Founder)
Ballbreaker Rockwell (Admin)
Serious Sam (Admin)

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