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The Colonial Police are a group dedicated to keeping the peace within the boundaries of York. Our primary mission is to stop criminals and defend against marauders, invaders, raiders, etc. Any person who has killed innocent natives, outsiders, or pirates within York will be targeted until they change their ways.

We are always looking for new officers and running competitions to encourage citizens to stay within the law. The Colonial Police is open to anyone who is interested in bringing justice back to the island of Shartak.

Please enrole if you would like to work with a close knit team. Enrolement is by INVITATION only currently. Please apply at our forums.

Report any murders to the officer on duty on the criminals section of the forum.

Most of our activity is on our forum:

If our forum seems inactive we are likely discussing in our private areas.

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only


Clan Leadership:
Lexus (Founder)

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