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[Clan has been inactive for quite a while now]

An elitistic group of jungle-dwelling survivalists, dedicated to the preservation of peace in the village of Raktam, through swift decisive strikes against threats to the continued freedom of those wishing to avoid senseless carnage in their neighbourhood and its surrounding wilderness.

Outsiders are of no direct concern to the Cheetahs, but will be dealt with if found to have hostile intentions towards the native population.

Potential recruits are observed among those preferring the safety of wilderness, while still remaining concerned to keep chaos from ruling the entire island. Speed and competence in jungle survival and combat is necessary due to the militant approach of the clan, and the purpose of striking without being struck back remains an important rule to follow.

Since the clan is focused in its efforts, the goal is to at least keep Raktam a safe haven apart from the morally corrupt. Other efforts are to be dealt with only in emergency cases.

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only
Minimum level required is level 10
Required classes: Warrior Villager Scout Shaman

Clan Leadership:
Jhelai (Founder)

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