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A group of pro-protestant individuals, who are, collectively, dedicated to defending and promoting the Protestant Cause on Shartak. The League's charter is to preserve protestant supremacy on the island; and to stop the takeover of the island by the Pope and his servants. it is the belief of the League that the spread of false and hostile religious ideologies on the rightfully-Christian island of Shartak, must be stopped, or dire consequences will result.

Protestantism before settlement! Protestantism before region! Protestantism before politics!

STANCE ON ROMANISM: That most dangerous man of perdition, The Pope, who sits atop his throne in the City on Seven Hills, Rome, is not welcome on Shartak. Any emissaries of the Pope operating on Shartak, are considered dangerous enemies. Especially one 'Bob Nowak'.

STANCE ON NATIVE PAGANISM: These poor souls have not yet heard the light of Christian preaching, and so are not looked down upon. Wild anti-Christian fanaticism among the native-religionists cannot be tolerated. However, in certain situations, native-religionists may prove allies against the Pope.

STANCE ON (falsely so-called) 'HUMANISM'/ATHEISM: As atheism is a dangerous system of thought, which rejects God and the divine, it cannot be tolerated by any God-fearing man.

STANCE ON JUDAISM: As they reject our Lord Jesus Christ, Jews are considered religious enemies of the League. However, as the leader of the Jewish community on Shartak has loaned the League large sums of money, relations are good.

STANCE ON UNITARIANS: This scourge of humanity angers God and should not be tolerated. Rejection of the trinity is the rejection of our Faith itself, and comes dangerously close to Mahometism.

STANCE ON MAHOMETISM/'ISLAM': This religion rejects Jesus Christ our Lord, and so cannot be tolerated.

STANCE ON DERBY REGIME a.k.a. EASTERN FEDERATION: This group has persecuted protestants on this island, and encourages the religious murders of protestants. It has a stranglehold on power in Derby, and it is often whispered in pro-protestant circles that the Jesuits have infiltrated the organisation from the top. For these reasons, the group is condemned as pro-Catholic by some. Some protestants have joined the group, in an attempt to reform it from inside, while others openly fight. The League endorses the patriotic organisation which calls itself 'The Derby Protectors', in their attempts to reform the Eastern Federation.

STANCE ON YORK: The old regime, which formerly ruled York, was regarded as friendly and pro-protestant (although numerous anti-Christian fanatics and several papal agents operated freely there). Today's York mafia is decidedly anti-protestant, which is why the League has ceased operations in that city, until the political atmosphere improves.

STANCE ON PIRATES: Any god-fearing protestant pirate should renounce his sins, and fight for the Christian religion in this island. Piracy is a sin, but protestant pirates are better than not. It has been confirmed that many pirates are incited against us by the Pope and his Jesuits. Therefore, the true enemy is the antichrist in Rome, not an individual hostile pirate, who is, often, but a pawn.

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There are no restrictions.

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Lutheran (Founder)

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