Clan : 1st Colonial Militia

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The 1st Colonial Militia is a battle hardened force made up from outsiders from many different backgrounds. Whether your an explorer or a Soldier your welcome in the ranks of the 1st. Any level, any class.

Whether policing towns or taking the battle to foreign jungles the militia stands ready to fight the enemies of the greater good.

Our Main objectives are as follows:

* Independence for the Colonial Towns from foreign powers.
* To safeguard the homes and livelihoods of outsiders in York, Derby and Durham.
* To search and destroy any hostile pirate crews present on the island.
* To support the election of new, stable governors and government of the three outsider towns.
* To defend against any hostile natives.
* To find and punish all those found collaborating with the enemies of the common good.

Enlist in the 1st Colonial Militia today. Serve the Greater Good.

Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Settler Soldier Explorer Scientist
Required homes: York, Durham, Derby


Clan Leadership:
Serious Sam (Founder)

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