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Vlad the Noodly

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Home: the shipwreck
Been on the island since 2010-02-05
Died: 39 times (last time was 2010-12-23 05:41, killed by a tiger)
Level: 26
Class: Pirate (outsider)
Primary Clan: None chosen
Underworld: https://underworld.shartak.com/?id=20320
Deadzone: http://shartak.aphlor.org/deadzone/view/20320


Nevermind the fact this guy never has to go on a diet, he can still kick ass and hold his liquor.

He was cast off his ship for being too liberal-minded, he thought raping little boys in addition to kidnapped wenches was going too far. Left with nothing but a knife and three barrels tied together to make a raft, he was left adrift for 5 years. At one point he must have died, he just wasn't sure, as the barrels had been filled with finest rum and he wasn't paying much attention.
Finally he came to Shartak, where he was able to stretch his legs, and now just wanders around looking for animals to poke with his cutlass.

He is very grateful for any rum offered to him, and will regale you with a story or two. Depends how good the rum or other aloholic beverage is.

His parrot's name is Father Jack, ignore his constant calls for "DRINK!!" and to "FECK OFF!!!!"

They carry 2 parrot feather charms and 1 skull.
They have a parrot sat on their shoulder.

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Achievements:(13 total)
Bat Hunter - Bronze Parrot Hunter - Bronze Monkey Hunter - Bronze 9 years old
Areas explored: 1031 (28.4% of island)
HP Healed: 428
Trading Points: 291
Spirits Exorcised: 0 (not a shaman)
Wailing Damage: 2197
Ritual Feasts: 0 (not a cannibal)
Mentioned in 0 profile

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NPC kills: 185; last kill: large deer
 Animals: 185
 Shamans: 0
 Traders: 0
Natives killed: 3; last kill: randorians
 Raktam: 0
 Dalpok: 2
 Wiksik: 1
 Rakmogak: 0
Outsiders killed: 2; last kill: Bonz
 Derby: 0
 Durham: 0
 York: 0
 Shipwreck: 2
NPC kills (detailed):
small deer20
large stag17
large deer9
wild boar7
zombified monkey3
ferocious tiger2
zombified large stag2
guard dog1
zombified werewolf1


This character has been idle since 2011-01-13.

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