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Join us at the Velvet Ribbon, Shartak's finest (and only) burlesque house!


After the realization that there are no banks, caravan trails, or anything remotely of value in the jungle, I have come to the decision of creating a burlesque house!

With a fully stocked bar, a lavish stage of which leads to a costume room, and several rooms for one to sleep in...this is more than the average tavern! This establishment is meant for entertainment, and you will find it upon arriving. Dance, song, theatrics. Enough distractions to make any sailor on leave burn his money away quicker than you could believe!

The bar will be fully 'Pay as you can', meaning you are able to give as you wish for the product rendered. Gold, a handful of berries, a slightly off-color limerick you wrote down one rainy day. All that I ask is that you have the courtesy to tip an act if you've liked it. A girl has to eat, after all.

I will be hiring people as I see fit. If you think you've got what it takes to be a proud bearer of the ribbon, please have a word with me. Bouncers, bartenders, suppliers, performing acts. We're looking for you, the working class of Shartak! This job, of course, pays. I don't believe one bit in slave labor.

The policy on in-house violence stands as such: Anyone except for staff will have to fend for themselves. If you get knocked off in the club, puff up your chest and go get some good old vigilante justice for yourself. We are NOT your personal army, we are NOT peace-keepers or politicians, we ARE a place of enjoyment.


Located at scenic [-70.095,+26.346], beach front property, on the southside of Derby.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
Lucky Barrows (Founder)

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