Clan : The Cult of the Shargle


Worship Shargles! Kill Shargles! Worship Shargles!


Shargles, the beastly bird-reptiles that inhabit the mountain, are a curious creature. See, they contain part of the essence of the island inside each of them, slowly corrupting said essence until they release it inside an egg. When the egg hatches, another shargle comes out, but part of the spiritual essence of the island is irretrievably lost.

The Cult of the Shargle is dedicated to killing shargles. Yes, we worship them, for they hold some of that essence already mentioned- but the only way we can free the island, and indeed the glorious evil demon-birds is through killing them. Rejoice in their blood! Bathe in their glory! Worship the shargle!

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
L'Gran Shargler (Founder)

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