Clan : Coalition Against Evil Clones


Be Special or Die!


We are united against the menace of the so-called Evil Clones, them people who look like eachother, those marauders, who just come here for the thrill of kill, the Non-Specials.
While our motto is "Be Special Or Die" (BSOD for short), our main goal is to peacefully educate these people of their evil ways and try to convert them to the Specialism, that is to say: to make them look like something other than Nothing Special.
If you, the member of this clan of ours, encounter a person on the Island of Shartak that looks like nothing special, please talk to them about the importance of Speciality. Should they refuse to refuse to discuss this matter, then they are to be considered enemy of our clan.
Our secondary goal is to increase our numbers by recruiting new members (or Extra Specials) to our ranks.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
Teonanacatl (Founder)

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