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Hunters of the python.


In Dalpok, a native hunter emerged from the jungle screaming of a horrific monster that ate his fellow hunters. Despite being somewhat sedated with a large number of alcoholic drinks, he continued to rant about it for several hours to anyone who would listen. The python, a savage horror never before seen on the island, was discovered by native warriors and taken down. As more of the man-eating beasts began to slither forth from the bowels of the earth, a hunting party was formed. The Snake Eaters are a collective of professional outdoorsmen who enjoy the thrill of the hunt, welcoming islanders from all over. Guidelines: - Assist fellow hunters during the hunt. - Do not kill fellow hunters or otherwise sabotage the hunt. - Readily kill those who do. - Kraken Hunters and fellow outdoorsman are always welcome to hunt with us. Aspiring Snake Eaters should always be assisted in making their first python kill. There are no membership restrictions or requirements, but certain classes

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.


Clan Leadership:
Mongoose (Founder)

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