Clan : The Caravan of Shartak


Join us if you like money,friends,traveling, and fun!


Now i had this idea a while ago when i was looking at the durham utility wiki page and when fire was made... I thought that with all these troubles happening all over shartak, no one would have time to restock a trader or clear a path. That invasion and firefighting would be more of a worry. so i thought hard on it and came up with the caravan of Shartak! For now im only posting the idea untill i see if it is worth making the clan. Now the caravan's point would be this,

Trading- virtually anything

firefighting- around a town

maintenance- Road maintenance and the building of signs

Forestry- Clearing jungle out in towns


June 14th 2010 - Caravan of Shartak v.2 has begun, switching ownership from Poisonous soldier to Merchant Yoda

29/4/10 - The caravan is invited to the party in the throne room of Raktam.

29/3/10 - The caravan is made!

We are in need of a couple guards for our traders. Guards will be paid very generously. And also we need more members! anyone who has a desire to chop down jungle,trade,travel,research,protect, or advertise is welcome here.


We are not too organized right now. The caravan is more of a delivery service now, untill we get more members. if you would like to join, follow this link.,2738.0.html


Personel reminders-
-Don't forget silver skull crosses in Wiksik (25)
-Don't forget fungi juice and skull crosses in Raktam (50 juices,6 crosses)
-Maintain stock of yeastweed
- talk with Giovanni machetti
- deliver pumpkins to derby

-Yeastweed = 10 gold coins each
-Silver skull crosses = 5 coins each *
-heavy swords = 350 coins each *
-Mango juice = 2 gold each *
-banana juice = 2 gold coins each *
-Fungi juice = 6 gold each **
-Pumpkins = 2 gold each
-FAKS = 2 gold coins each
-Healing Herbs = 2 gold each
-Machetes = 2 gold each *
-Cutlasses = 2 gold each * ~
-Rum = 2 gold each **
-Monkey Claw Charms = 3 gold each
-Rabbit Foot Charms = 3 gold each
-Gold Hoop Earrings = 2 gold each
-Bullets = 10 for 1 gold coin
-Rifles = 6 gold each ~
-Clubs = 5 gold each ** ~
-Shovels = 6 gold each *
-GPS units = 10 gold each *
-Jolly/Ghastly jack 'o' Lanterns = 3 gold each ** +
-Bags Of Seeds = 8 gold each * +
-Maps = 25 gold each

* = prices are negotiable
** = discount (ask me in game if you buy)
+ = Holiday discount
~ = Class discount

Some people find it fun to mess with Merchants here are there names -
-Tiger Claw~~~~ 10 gold coins for his head
-Razor Blade~~~~ 10 gold coins for his head
-Heretic Raex~~~~ 10 gold coins for his head

We would also love to know the location of the following people -
- Jalal Ud-Din menguberdi~~~ there is a 100 gold bounty on him, for killing shartaks beloved FIRST man-eating shargle named Alpha.

- Solemn: 700 gold coins
- Ahnaom: 50 gold coins


Travel details-
We are scattered...The best way to chat with one of us is to either join the forums, wait at new haven, wait at club palermo, or wait in Derby.

Restrictions are listed below:

Minimum level required is level 3

Clan Leadership:
Merchant Yoda (Founder)

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