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Embrace natural selection as we journey back to the primitive.


"Nature is not cruel, only pitilessly indifferent. This is one of the hardest lessons for humans to learn. We cannot admit that things might be neither good nor evil, neither cruel nor kind, but simply callous - indifferent to all suffering, lacking all purpose." - Richard Dawkins

Nature's Wrath is an untamed collective of all of earth's creatures who enjoy life and death in the wilderness. Neither good nor evil, we wander the island as nature's guardians in search of understanding as we struggle to maintain the balance.

Those who threaten nature's children will be fed to them.
Those who endanger animals with hunting shall be hunted to extinction.
Those who burn the jungles shall fuel the fires with their bones.

Protect one another, watch over the island, abandon civilization, forsake all humanity. Explore the mysterious splendors of the wilderness and do what comes naturally...

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only

Clan Leadership:
Mother Nature (Founder)

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