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Our motto: Money, power, and bitches

Who we are: A group of noble savages out to save Wiksik. Fight against the best, die like the rest.

I am Lobo Rojo, the native Messiah. I have come to these lands to redeem the Kingdom of Skulls to make it better again, only it needs a new name, like 'Lobo Rojo and the Alpha Delta Delta Strike Team Force'. I am in every way better than everyone else, especially better than my retarded former incarnation Black Fang. I kill random people and think I can get away with it. And when I do get killed, I have my group of blindly loyal clan members to avenge me, when in fact it was me who was being the provocateur, killing innocents for quick XP. I like killing foreigners for easy XP, especially helpless pirate & outsider traders, and people I deem to be traitors to the native cause. It's fun to dominate an online browser game and ruin the fun for other people.

OK, now, to the point. This is a pro-native clan that is against older pro-native clans like KOStupids or the Necronoobster's Guild. Why you ask? Well, those groups claim to "rule" Wiksik, but can't even pry a single damn hut out of those New Yorkers. Seriously? Come on, if they were more into defending Wiksik and organizing themselves better they could easily handle John the Baptist, et al. That is why I formed this group, so that I can collect a skilled group of native combatants, and form a fellowship to rid Wiksik of the pestilence of pro-outsider natives (SONY) and sucky pro-native clans (KOSuckers).

Join this clan if you're into defending Wiksik from:

a) Large organized groups that can't even defend their hometown and are like an impediment and a cancer. The sooner I can remove their lazy arses from Wiksik, the sooner I can restore its former glory.
b) Cannibalistic natives from that forbidden island to the north (Wiksiki, Raktami, and Dalpoki cannibals are OK)
c) GSUCk and other foolish pro-outsider clans.
d) The people in the New York clan.
e) Level 0-1 spies for GSUCk like Troglodyte, Etherscribbler, here to spy, akanthor. Do they honestly think they can get away with it? They can't.

Also, join this clan if you're into Roleplaying where you can insult others & put them down and at the same time make yourself seem greater. I do it all the time and people think I'm the shit.

We should also build a skull fence around Wiksik, only to have it destroyed by people who don't like us, and then we get mad and insulted at how anyone could not like a clan of bullies and dickweeds. Except we're not bullies or dickweeds, we're the Wiksik Resistance Front, and we are proud brave and noble savages.

I'm going to write a list of rules for the Wiksik Resistance Front, which will start with:
1. You do not talk about the Wiksik Resistance Front.
2. You DO NOT talk about the Wiksik Resistance Front.
3. If I think you're lame, you have to bow down to me before you can join.
4. No outside food.
5. Outsiders as food are fine, though.
6. Simon loves me more than Black Fang.
7. The KOS are our enemies, by Royal Decree.
8. So are the NG.
9. And the GSUCk.
10. And SONY.
11. If I require herbs or darts, you shall supply them to me.
12. If I tell you to jump in place on one foot, you shall do so.
13. If I ask you to fight for me as I flee like a coward, you shall do so.
14. I created the universe, and so I shall choose when to end it.
15. Me, me, me, me. Who doesn't love me?
16. I will work on this list

I'm also going to make up a song/anthem for us to go by. It's going to be fun.

Another note, you're not allowed to join if you don't want to fight or give me herbs and poison darts. You also can't join if you don't kill who I tell you to. You especially can't join if you've been a longterm member of the KOStinkers or the Necrophiliacs Guild.

Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Warrior Villager Scout Shaman
Required homes: Dalpok, Wiksik, Raktam

Clan Leadership:
Lobo Rojo (Founder)

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