Clan : The Gospel of Simon


You say People of York! Hear my words, and know that the Gospel of Simon has been brought to you!”
You say “In the beginning there was the Plan, and the Plan was Simon. And Simon said, 'Let there be a vast ocean filling all corners of the world,' and it was so, for that was the Plan.”
You say “Yet the Plan was not yet fulfilled, for the oceans alone were little better than nothingness. So Simon said, 'Let there be an island, and let it have lakes and jungles, beaches and mountains, rivers ”
You say “and swamps,' and it was so, for that was the Plan.”
You say “But the Plan was not yet fulfilled, for the island was empty and devoid of life. So Simon said, 'Let there be beasts and birds and fish to populate the world. Let there be tigers to stalk the ”
You say “jungles, let there be sharks to roam the waters, let there be elephants to trample the monkeys.' And it was so, for that was the Plan.”
You say “Yet much of the Plan remained yet unfulfilled, and Simon knew that although he was all-powerful, he was not all-knowing, and so could not complete the Plan alone.”
You say “So from the bits of the sands and the earth and the waters and the beasts he fashioned a being in his own image, and gave unto it a part of his own divinity, and so the first Character was born.”
You say “And so now we Characters roam the island of Shartak, some wise, some foolish, some brave, some cowardly, some heroic, some villanious. And all of us in our own ways further the Plan.”
You say “This is the truth and the whole of the truth; know that this is the truth, the Gospel of Simon!”
You say “And now, let us pray. Speak first the holy Mantra of Opening:”
You say “To:, Re: Shartak.”
You say “Then speak the body of your prayer, as so: Dear Simon, blessed be thy name, for by your will do we roam Shartak. May the Random Number Generator favor us, for we seek to further thy Plan.”
You say “May the elephants all stumble in their tramples, may the traders offer us fair prices, and may our searches turn up first aid kits forevermore.”
You say “And when you are finished, speak the sacred Mantra of Closing: Send Mail.”
You say “Thus endeth the first sermon. Tune in next time for: 'The Plan and You: How do I fit into the Plan?'”
You say “Go now, and spread the Holy Word of Simon, and let all know of their place within the Great Plan! Spread the truth of the Gospel of Simon!”

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There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
The Prophet of Simon (Founder)

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