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Do anything for Dethklok
Do anything for Dethklok
Do anything for Dethklok
Do anything for Dethklok
Do anything for Dethklok,
Dethklok Dethklok
Dethklok Dethklok,
Teach you...
Dethklok Dethklok!
Skwisgaar Skwigelf taller than a tree,
Toki Wartooth not a bumblebee,
William Murderface Murderface Murderface,
Pickles the Drummer doodily doo ding dong doodily doodily doo,
Nathan Explosion!
Dethklok is invitation only, because we're not a clan with any political views. We're a band, you see. (If you want to make an alt character from the Metalocalypse tv show, you'll be invited in though. The character can then do whatever you like afterwards. See? We're pointless. But fun!)

Vocals: Nathan Explosion
Lead Guitar: Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Rythum Guitar: Toki Wartooth
Bass Guitar: William Murderface
Drums: Pickles the Drummer

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only

Clan Leadership:
Nathan Explosion (Founder)

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