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Home: York
Been on the island since 2015-08-19
Died: 30 times (last time was 2018-05-24 11:39 at the hands of Darkarnivore, killed by some cat-o-nine tails)
Level: 16
Class: Settler (outsider)
Primary Clan: Island Landscapers
Secondary Clan: The Plague
Underworld: https://underworld.shartak.com/?id=24701
Deadzone: http://shartak.aphlor.org/deadzone/view/24701


willson -- as an old-timer, about the clubhouse:

The Botheringham FC Supporters' Club Club House .....................

Located 1NE of the Weapons Hut, the Club House is easily identified by the pink-and-purple scarf hanging above the entrance, and the pungent aroma of Scampi Fries wafting downwind.

Formerly the site of the now-infamous Pwotters' HQ, this hut was fully refurbished inside and out when the lease was purchased by the Director of the Botheringham FC Supporters' Club in late December 2008. Although both the Kingdom of Skulls Throne Room and the settlement of Port Breton had previously undergone minor modifications, this was a revolutionary event in the island's real estate market, and will no doubt pave the way for all manner of cheap imitations.

In October 2011, the Chairman, with great reluctance, had to inform the Licensing Authorities that he would not be renewing the lease on the Club House. Although no official word has been released by The Botheringham FC Supporters' Club, rumors abound concerning record-breaking fines for gross misconduct, political sabotage by dirty, stinking Lowersex FC-supporting b-stards, industrial disputes with the suppliers of the Club House's complimentary snacks, and even scandalous accusations of indecent and immoral behaviour with the club mascot.

btw, shroombaker is a turd! He always has been. Pay no attention to him.

Maximillion Pike says I'm sure I was not targeted because I have no surgeon or barber skills. Now how will my bloatie prosper?” (2016-07-17 23:37)
Doc Rockwell says “Kill whoever you like, Mister McCreedy, just so long as you do it outside. Mister Junpei is now banned from the bar.” (2016-07-18 04:35)
Doc Rockwell says “Mister Pike, I barely dare ask, but what is a "bloatie"?” (2016-07-18 04:36)
Doc Rockwell says “Mister Dwarf, you look like you need that.” (2016-07-18 04:39)
The Mad Dwarf says “Why Thank YOu Doc :)” (2016-07-19 00:30)

You say "yeah, whatsa bloatie ? have i got one ?"

Zombie Pudge McCreedy digs in his pockets, and looks in his britches.

at the stone owl tavern:

You say "yeaH, i seen jack cudgel outside figiting with his nuts an' i kilt him. did i did wrong ?"


The Stone Owl Tavern:
Zombie Pudge McCreedy sees the jar of pickled eggs is empty and goes on a rampage. He smashes the empty jar to the floor, and goes around knocking over chairs and then he scissor kicks the karaoke machine. "Ghaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

Isiah Osiris Hand, and me conspired against and whacked Ernest Hemingway who kept bragging about all the womens he killed and all the lions he bedded. or was it th' ther way round ?


You attack Ernest Hemingway with a knife for 2 damage. You gain 1 XP. They drop to 4 HP

You attack Ernest Hemingway with a punch for 2

You say "that wus for all the damn zoo aminals and trouts you killed. go watch some bull fights in hell, you hiary-chested, hypermasculine testosterone addict "

i guess gertrude stein will be pretty happy


As a human Pudge McCreedy wrestled with Alligators and became a man.

The only known people to give him a kicking, were cut up and sat on.

Can often be seen walking zombie-like clearing the roads with is bum hanging out.

Pudge was killed and left to rot in a swamp, but was brought back to life. Through the power of hip-hop!!

The shaman of York has done a nasty job of it this time.


weirdly, Pudge McCreedy's Scally Spirit has left his glorious meat sack an has goin' about being rude to farm animals, using swears and drawin' ther drirty pichurs. please do not blame me fer his horrid crimes



(2014-01-08 03:46) You attack FirstAmongstDaves with a heavy sword for 5 damage. You gain 5 XP. They die. You gain 45 XP.
(2014-01-08 03:46) Underworld log successful .
(2014-01-08 03:46) Deadzone log successful .
(2014-01-08 03:54) The ghostly voice of FirstAmongstDaves says “Naughty naughty!”
(2014-01-08 09:41) Pudge McCreedy says “F*ckin ell face on you. ”
(2014-01-08 09:42) Pudge McCreedy scratches his balls through his tracky bottoms.
(2014-01-08 09:43) Pudge McCreedy says “What's up, you crumbly old :palm:bag?”
(2014-01-08 09:45) Pudge McCreedy carves 'FAD' into the forehead of a jolly jack o lantern and proceeds to air f*ck it's empty eye socket, grinning inanely all the while, before booting it against the wall of the hut.
(2014-01-08 09:50) Pudge McCreedy says “Don't you think those f*cking black patches look like a really :palm:e G string thing though eh? F*ckin woman once, strippin it all off for me yeah?”
(2014-01-08 09:51) Pudge McCreedy says “Took off her nice fleece and her f*cking onesie, doin a right nice bit o gyration all the while, yeah mate, proper classy an that”
(2014-01-08 09:51) Pudge McCreedy says “and me sticking pure wads o me giro down her gel bra, coppin a right tasty bit, innit?”
(2014-01-08 09:53) Pudge McCreedy says “then she takes off her knickers and it's like f*ckin cyclops left 'is sunglassy on't f*ckin floor. Just lying there, innit. Couldn't get into it after that. ”
(2014-01-08 09:55) Pudge McCreedy says “Told her ad just had a wank and sent her off to get me some chips and a scallop. Sausage for ut dog and a pickled egg. Like, bought her dinner an everything man”
(2014-01-08 09:57) Pudge McCreedy says “Proper romantic bastard I am you know? She sat there later eating her mushy peas and it was game on. Just made leave her G String under settee innit, yeah? Out of f*ckin sight, man. Proper romance”
(2014-01-08 10:01) Pudge McCreedy says “Pure love shining out of my soul for that one, mate, even wrote her a nice romantic song once, yeah?”
(2014-01-08 10:02) Pudge McCreedy skanks about a bit and starts beat boxing and making jerky little shudders all over his body. Like a machine with the fleas and a meth problem.
(2014-01-08 10:02) Pudge McCreedy says “Oh, Tracey, you got me feelin base-y ”
(2014-01-08 10:03) Pudge McCreedy 's face falls as he realises he's started on a long hard come down
(2014-01-08 10:04) Pudge McCreedy says “Aw f*ck man. Got owt to drink? Even go for a bit o white lightening. Need to ride this out mate, yeah?”
(2014-01-08 13:11) Aphetto Kabal staggers in, "The bastard is dead I take it?"

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Shartak Probie 6 years old
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guard dog18
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wild boar1


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