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Jahnam Nehkan

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Home: Wiksik
Been on the island since 2010-04-26
Died: 76 times (last time was 2012-08-18 18:18 at the hands of Mr. Clean, killed by a heavy sword)
Level: 33
Class: Shaman (native)
Primary Clan: The Necromancers Guild
Secondary Clan: Spirit Knights
Underworld: https://underworld.shartak.com/?id=20677
Deadzone: http://shartak.aphlor.org/deadzone/view/20677


Born and raised in Wiksik, Jahnam took a keen interest in necromancy after the early passing of his mother Since a slight with the local shaman, she was refused resurrection and passed on. Bristled with anger, Jahnam slew Tapran, swearing on his mother's grave to become powerful enough to bring her back.

Years of study went into his necromancy, and he has developed keen powers of telekinesis, even without the spirits aiding him. He was successful in intruding into the land of the dead, and saw his mother's spirit. He was rebuked, scorned, and turned away. The at rest, the truly dead, are exactly that, a painful lesson he learned.

His growing powers bought him briefly into conflict with the necromancer's guild. Fueled by malevolence and giving into the tempting power of the spirits, he raised the ire of the Spirit Hut. He has since reformed his ways, and now enforces the laws of the hut, butchering brutally those who offend the spirits or the living of the guild. As the Chief Death Knight of the Spirit Hut, he leads an organisation of shamans as dedicated as he is to the protection of the guild.

He has long since become a shade, slipping in and out of his body at will. Neither fully dead nor fully alive, he holds an unusual position in life. His shadehood has consequences, but the vast power, the sheer power...

He carries a broken and rusted machete looted from a cannibal, a lock of bloody hair taken from a traitor, the bony hand of an enemy, and the gnarled stick of an exorcist. A battered and rotting zombie follows him wherever he goes. He also seems to have a small smattering of personal effects.

They carry 1 plain wooden cup, 1 parrot feather charm, 2 silver skull crosses and 1 skull staff.

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Achievements:(13 total)
Novice Healer April Fools 2012 11 years old
Areas explored: 232 (6.4% of island)
HP Healed: 5818
Trading Points: 51
Spirits Exorcised: 33
Wailing Damage: 3602
Ritual Feasts: 0 (not a cannibal)
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NPC kills: 20; last kill: guard dog
 Animals: 20
 Shamans: 0
 Traders: 0
Natives killed: 49; last kill: Hafta
 Raktam: 2
 Dalpok: 1
 Wiksik: 38
 Rakmogak: 8
Outsiders killed: 9; last kill: Bahl
 Derby: 2
 Durham: 2
 York: 4
 Shipwreck: 1
NPC kills (detailed):
guard dog5
wild boar1
zombified bat1


This character has indicated they have peaceful intentions and would prefer not to be killed.

This character has been idle since 2012-08-11.

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