Shartak's Wealthiest Characters

Of all the active people who have made their fortune on Shartak, these are the twenty wealthiest. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can edit your character profile and remove the tick from the tickbox labelled "Include in wealthiest character statistics?"

1.-- Anonymous --84811
2.-- Anonymous --43183
3.Jack Cudgel34016
6.Fear Itself16231
7.-- Anonymous --15030
8.Helena Handbasket14913
10.Wicked Rowan13461
12.Jack Torrance11480
13.-- Anonymous --11312
15.Gol D. Roger9401
17.-- Anonymous --8520
18.-- Anonymous --6935
19.Reyna Ashthorn4849

Wealthiest clans

#Clan nameGoldAverage per active member
1.Team Tathers1386679904
3.Keepers of the Faith9508415847
4.Secret Society of Supervillains434203947
5.Jack Cudgel3401634016
6.The Darkest Fear335435590
7.Horror Icons2464312321
8.The First Continental Congress of Durham131974399
9.The Rakmogaki Collective119041700
10.Crew of the Red Flag110621580
11.Responsible drinkers105693523
12.The Crew of 'THE FLYING FRENCHMAN'93634681
13.Shartak Merchants' Association69373468
14.Bartenders Association of Shartak69356935
15.Swamp People51421714
16.Dead Spunkers46634663
17.Monster Hunters3840960
18.THE MISFITS3485697
19.Independent Republic of Fort Creedy2270756
20.League of Unity17671767

Statistics available: General Statistics, healing, trading and exorcism, wealthy characters, clan membership, kills per death, kills, player kills and daily stats.

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