Warboss Grimteef

Warboss Grimteef

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Home: Wiksik
Been on the island since 2006-11-08
Died: 32 times (last time was 2007-04-07 14:04 at the hands of Takt)
Level: 13
Class: Warrior (native)
Primary Clan: Da Waaagh
Underworld: https://underworld.shartak.com/?id=6541
Deadzone: http://shartak.aphlor.org/deadzone/view/6541


"I'm da hand of Gork and Mork, dey sent me to rouse up da boyz to crush and kill 'cos da boyz forgot what dere 'ere for. I woz one of da boyz till da godz smashed me in da 'head an' I 'membered dat Orks is meant to conquer and make slaves of everyfing they don't kill.

I'm da profit of da Waaagh an' whole worlds burn in my boot prints. On Armour-Geddem I led da boyz through da fire deserts and smashed da humies'metal cities to scrap. I fought Yarik, old one-eye at Tartarus, an' he fought good but we smashed iz city too.

I'm death to anyfing that walks or crawls, where I go nothin' stands in my way. We crushed da stunties on Golgotha, an' we caught old one-eye when da speed freeks blew da humies' big tanks ta bits. I let 'im go 'cause good enemies iz 'ard to find, an' Orks need good enemies ta fight like they need meat to eat an' grog ta drink.

I iz more cunning than a Grot an' more killy dan a dread, da boyz dat follow me can't be beat. On Pissenah we jumped da marine-boyz an' our bosspoles was covered in da helmets we took from da dead 'uns. We burned dere port an' killed dere bosses an' left nothin' but ruins behind.

I'm Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka an' I speak wiv da word of da gods. We iz gonna stomp da 'ooniverse flat an' kill anyfing that fights back. We iz gonna do this coz' we're Orks an' we was made to fight an' win."

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Achievements:(13 total)
Old One 12 years old
Areas explored: 113 (3.1% of island)
HP Healed: 0
Trading Points: 0
Spirits Exorcised: 0 (not a shaman)
Wailing Damage: 0
Ritual Feasts: 0 (not a cannibal)
Mentioned in 0 profile

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NPC kills: 31; last kill: large stag
 Animals: 29
 Shamans: 0
 Traders: 2
Natives killed: 3; last kill: Waldo
 Raktam: 0
 Dalpok: 0
 Wiksik: 3
 Rakmogak: 0
Outsiders killed: 19
 Derby: 6
 Durham: 1
 York: 8
 Shipwreck: 4
NPC kills (detailed):
large stag7
large deer5
wild boar4
small deer3
guard dog3
Tamdal Toe2


This character has been idle since 2007-04-14.

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