Clan : Derby's Strike Team

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Derby's offensive squad.


This is Derby's Strike force we are here to go to other villages/towns to attack and kill those who deserve death! Only join if you can do the following:

1. Ask the one who is in charged.

2. Answer the leader's questions

3. Do not player kill unless it's self defense, revenge, or that's part of the orders.

4. Do what it takes to get the job done even if it includes a Civil war.

5. Do not kill a member unless you got permission from the leader.

6. you got only 3 warnings before being kicked out but you can rejoin when the leader tells you if you can join the strike force.

7. Do not kill other members of a clan unless the leader says so to help avoid being overwhelmed.

8. Pay attention to the news updates that the Team releases because some might tell your next missions.

9. Do not join other clans unless if its in Derby and the Strike Team joins forces with a clan.

10. If your not sure on what to do or got better rules be sure to contact the leader of the Team he is in The Misfits bar most of the time unless he is on the mission with the rest of the members.

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only
Minimum level required is level 10
Required classes: Settler Soldier Explorer Scientist
Required homes: Derby

Clan Leadership:
Theron Guard (Founder)

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